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For the program of this edition, ARQUITETURAS is promoting films that explore the wide range of connotations that might be associated with the expression “REHAB NATION”. From the rehabilitation of old city centers to the gentrification of touristic neighborhoods; from the dereliction of social housing to the construction of new senses of community; from the privatization of the public space to the emergence of news forms of urban intervention. The possibilities are endless and “REHAB NATION” functions as an extensive pretext to basically think and debate the way we currently live in our spaces and our cities. 

best international award

→ La Cupola
by Sattel Volker
DEU, 2016 [40’]

best portuguese film award

→ Penúmbria
by Eduardo Brito
PRT,  2016 [9’]

best experimental award

→ Cais/Peer
by Marta Covita
PRT, 2015 [12’]

new talent award

by Antje Buchholz, Sven Flechsenhar, and Maja Weyermann
DEU, 2013 [12’]

audience award
[ex aquo]

→ Em Breve Estarás Aqui
You’ll soon be here

by Fábio Petronilli
NDL/PRT 2016 [38’]

audience award
[ex aquo]

→ Casa ou A Máquina de Habitar
A House or a Machine for Living in

by Catarina Romano
PRT, 2016 [12’]