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The event celebrated the meeting between cinema and architecture and looks to feed the creative and economic relations between them. Urbanism, architecture, design, ecology, society, history, utopia and technology are some of the themes presented in 110 films from 28 countries, including documentaries, experimental film and animation. Live performances, talks, guided tours, networking sessions, workshops and games for all ages were included in the programme.

best international short film [documentary]

→ The Mother, the Son, and the Architect
by Petra Noordkamp
NLD, 2012 [16']

best international short film [experimental]

Herzog & Meuron’s Park Avenue Armory
by Jonathan Clabburn and Tapio Snellman
USA, 2011 [5']

best international short film award [experimental ex aquo]

That which is unseen
by Reuben Nanda, Agata Lis and David Robinson GBR, 2013 [5']

best international film award

Lucien Hervé, Photographer despite himself
by Gerrit Messiaen
BEL, 2013, document [54']

best international short film award [fiction]

Small and Smart
by Matjaz Ivanisin and Damjan Kozole
SVN, 2011 [30']

best national short film award [documentary]

The Community
by Salomé Lamas
PRT, 2012 [30']

best national short film award

Why don’t we change?
by João C. Couto
PRT, 2012 [17']

best national short film award [fiction]

by Francisco Ferreira and João Rosmaninho
PRT, 2013 [20']

best national feature film award

→ Arrivederchi Macau
By Rosa Coutinho Cabral
POR, 2013 [105 min]

new talent award

by Inês Teixeira
PRT, 2013 [9']

audience award

by Thom Andersen
PRT, 2012 [67’]

lusofonia award

Composition Material
by Pedro Aspahan
BRA, 2013 [82']