the village of lovers
[ian mackenzie, john wolfstone]


30.06 — 17h15
→ casa comum
[68 min, doc]

competition programme
session #communities

In the Oak-dotted countryside of Southern Portugal lies Tamera Healing Biotope, one of Earth’s most radical social experiments in human futurism.
Tamera began in the “free love” utopian movements of the 1960s’ and 70’s, and however soon realized that the necessary social change had to run deeper than reactions to the dominant system. Tamera realized that at the core, regenerating trust - especially in the most intimate areas of human life - was the missing key to long-standing cultural and political change.
 Now, over 40 years later, in an era of rampant climate chaos, post-global pandemic, and mounting political unrest - where humanity’s survival into the 22nd century becomes increasingly uncertain - Tamera may provide a regenerative model for a post-capitalist society, rooted in reconnection to life.

languages: english, german
subtitles: english