rare finds from the CCA collection


28.06 — 21h15
→ batalha - sala 2

guest institution programme 
As a repository of ideas, provocations, inspirations, and trials and errors, the CCA collection documents the culture and production of architecture. Made up of both archival holdings and the output of curatorial and editorial activities, it also includes films. This screening presents a selection of rare films, rough cuts and working edits, including:

Film for House IV [Falls Village, Connecticut, Peter Eisenman,1973, 3min42 sec]

High Court Portico [Chandigarh, India, Takashi Homma, 2013, 7min]

Conical Intersect [Gordon Matta-Clark, 1975, 41min]

Forth-Bridge-Cinema Metric Space [Dieter Appelt, 2003-2004, 3min34 sec]