[barbora sliepková]


29.06 — 17h15
→ casa comum
[80 min, doc]

competition programme
session #symphonies

Bratislava is an exemplary post-socialist city. Its massive construction replaces the old with the new. The changing features of the city speak to us not only through the silhouettes of new buildings but also through its inhabitants. Blanka fights with loneliness on the balcony of her Petržalka apartment. The city is dotted with billboards as municipal elections await. Matúš wants to become a municipal councilor. Real estate agent Michal shows his clients images of a happy life through Bratislava apartments and two road workers paint traffic markings that guide passersby. After work, they drink beer in their boarding house and muse about life. A timid Danko observes the city, which is changing too fast for his taste. He listens to it and wishes to capture the rhythm of normalcy, the flow of the days. Where does public space cease and where does intimacy begin? This is what everyday sociology comprises.

language: slovak
subtitles: english