what role can film have as a curatorial tool?


28.06 — 27.07
→ instituto

opening times during the festival week
tue-fri, 18h00-01h00 | sat, 18h00-23h00

installation opening
27.06 — 22h30

lunchtime toasts
28.06 — 12h30-14h30
29.06 — 12h30-14h30
[10€ incl. lunch, registration required]

guest institution programme 
‘What role can film have as a curatorial tool?’ From 27 June to 27 July, the CCA presents an installation with a selection of recent documentary films as tools in the institution’s curatorial work. The installation at INSTITUTO, realised in collaboration with Dyvik Kahlen, will be activated by ‘Lunchtime Toasts’, a series of conversations around films and other curatorial tools with guests, as a way to challenge or contextualise the CCA’s concerns.  With Daniel Schwartz, Ethel Baraona-Pohl, Federica Sofia Zambeletti, Francisco Moura Veiga, Giovanna Borasi, Hannah Strothmann, Inês Moreira, Joaquim Moreno, Jonas Spriestersbach, Julia Albani, Justin Jaeckle, Luis Santiago Baptista, Karine Charbonneau, Lucinda Correia, Margarida Mendes, Nuno Grande, Paulo Moreira, Sofia Mourato a.o.

The installation encompasses the films:
Now, Please Think About Yesterday [Francesco Garutti, Erin Weisgerber, 2019, 22 min]

Misleading Innocence: Tracing What a Bridge Can Do [Francesco Garutti, Shahab Mihandoust, @CCA, 2014, 49 min]

Islands and Villages [Kayoko Ota, Mile Nagaola, Tom Vincent, @CCA c/o Tokyo program 2017-2018, 68 min]

Untitled (The Things Around Us) [Francesco Garutti, Irene Chin, Jesse Riviere, @CCA, 2020, 30 min] 

Models Talk [Kayoko Ota, Studio Gross, @CCA c/o Tokyo program, 2021, 29 min]

CCA tech/support team:
Giovanna Borasi, Director and Chief Curator, CCA
Julia Albani, International Relations, CCA
Karine Charbonneau, Associate Director, Digital and Outreach, CCA
Exhibition design by Dyvik Kahlen