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infos for tickets and registration

Tickets need to be purchased for all screenings held at Batalha - this applies to the Soft-Opening Session, the Opening Session, the Awarded Films Screenings, and the Closing Session. The Competition Screenings at Casa Comum (29th and 30th of June) are without charge, yet a free-ticket needs to be picked up in order to attend a screening. Be aware that the Competition Screenings are subject to limited spatial capacities All tickets are issued directly at the venue. They can be acquired throughout the festival week.

For the Guest Institution Programme “Lunch time Toasts” and “Let’s talk about Publishing” a registration is required. You can register here. For “Lunch time Toasts”, additionally, a ticket needs to be purchased. Same applies to the Official Programme event “Porto Tour” - prior registration is required. Note, that there might be a limited capacity for participants to attend these events. A timely sign-up is recommended.

5€ / 3.5€*
tickets opening session

9€ / 6€*
tickets awarded films

→ registration for
lunch time toasts, talk film & publishing and porto tour

*discounted tickets are available for students and visitors over 65