dinis sottomayer
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Dinis Sottomayor [b. 1982]. Photographer and filmmaker born in Porto. After having studied architecture at FAUP [Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto] he began to work in photography and cinema, developing at first in partnership with Dinis&Gustavo and later independently, different commercial and documentary projects [].

Integrates in 2007, with some of his works in photography, in a collective exhibition at the headquarters of the Sociedad Central de Arquitectos in Buenos Aires under the title "Buenos Aires [entre] espacios y habitantes".

He develops regular photographic reports on architecture in collaboration with different architects, and some of his work has been published in architectural magazines like C3, TASARIM, ABITARE, Landscape World Magazine, DETAILS, Zeppelin and online magazines like Archidaily, Deezen, DIVISARE and Domus.