where life happens


Architecture is where life happens. The spaces we occupy materialise and manifest our experiences. Buildings and landscapes are transformed as we build our communities. In modern society, our pace of life, rituals, forms of governance and ways of interacting with one another in friendships, at work, in educational and healthcare settings and in love are becoming more diverse. How does architecture adapt to suit our day-to-day lives?

‘Where Life Happens’, the theme of the 10th edition of Arquiteturas Film Festival, explores the way in which social structures are absorbed by the built environment and reflected in architectural practice. The built form embodies architects’ efforts and ideals. It is capable of changing the course of history for a family, a neighbourhood or an entire city. Among the different influences weighing on us, architecture and spatial practices show that we are also made of the spaces we occupy.

In its 10th edition, Arquiteturas Film Festival harnesses the power of moving images as a tool for promoting architecture. Now in Porto, the festival is cementing its reputation as an international platform for discussing and disseminating architectural production through films, installations, debates and walks. The festival will take place over five days, from 27 June to 1 July 2023, and will be divided into three main sections: Official Programme, Guest Institution Programme and Competition Programme. Each section is associated with one or two venues, creating a network between different spaces in the city: Batalha Centro de Cinema, Casa Comum, INSTITUTO, Albergues do Porto, Mercado do Bolhão and Circo de Ideias.

[festival organizer]

INSTITUTO is a focal point for different forms of cultural expression, located in the heart of Porto. The team’s interests and backgrounds have given rise to a programme that diverges from the field of architecture to encompass the visual and spatial arts, critical thinking and multidisciplinary collaborations. We seek to encourage the creation and exploration of new contemporary discourses through interdisciplinarity, the informality of the space and the will to tackle burning issues in today’s society.

Since 2021, INSTITUTO has taken up the challenge of organising and reinventing the former Arquiteturas Film Festival. We view the festival as an opportunity to foster dialogue and awareness of architectural production through film, performance and research.

[guest institution]

The CCA – Canadian Centre for Architecture is an international research institution and museum premised on the belief that architecture is a public concern. They produce exhibitions and publications, develop and share their collection as a resource, advance research, offer public programs, and host a range of other activities driven by a curiosity about how architecture shapes – and might reshape – contemporary life.

As guest institution CCA will present a programme of films, debates, editions and an exhibition. In dialogue with this year’s theme “Where life happens”, CCA’s programme reflects on the ways in which changing societies, new economic pressures, and increasing population density are affecting the homes of various communities.

The programme will contemplate a three-part documentary series produced by the CCA whose latest film will be premiered in Portugal in the opening session of Arquiteturas 2023.