3xshapes of home
[elisabeth brun]



30.06 — 19h15
→ casa comum
[7 min, exp]

competition programme
session #memory

“3xShapes of Home” (2020) is a 7 minute experimental video at the intersection of an essay film, a structural experiment and a visual poem. In this video, the filmmaker revisits her place of origin, the small village of Strengelvåg in the Arctic North of Norway. Over a period of two years, she explores through her camera, how the architectures and topographies of that place, that is: the mountains, oceans and built environments, has shaped the filmmaker´s attachment to her childhood place, as well as her thinking. Hunting for insight beyond the subjective, she renders her experience through three sets of film techniques, such as camera position, superimposition and algorithm, and tests her relation to place, against the agency of the camera, the agency of the algorithm and the subjectivity of other creatures, such as a fish and a crab. We hear her voice-over shift from poetic, to analytical, to playful, and numb, as she responds to the way her village is portrayed through the formal operations of the moving image.

language: english
subtitles: english