Week 26: 22 – 28 January

Arquiteturas team believes this break is a great opportunity to look back at the festival’s last seven editions and provide viewers staying indoors worldwide with a selected retrospective of free streaming films. Each film will be released every Friday, running until next year’s edition, and can be viewed for one week. This initiative aims to provide visibility to the films and the makers and their contribution to initiating great discussions through their build environment stories. A live Q&A with the filmmakers, producers or authors will be announced whenever this is made possible, via the festival’s Instagram and FB pages.

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Institute Above-Ground  WINNER BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM ARQUITETURAS’15 Florian Zeyfang‭ ‬/‭ ‬Lisa Schmidt-Colinet‭ ‬/‭ ‬Alexander Schmoeger / Germany, 2015, 22′

They sell everything – cloth, food, curtains – in the streets of Istanbul, and some of them have been at it for more than 50 years. But their way of life is about to change. With their city quickly gentrifying, the authorities want to create a “modern and clean” environment. In just five years, working-class neighborhoods have been demolished, their residents displaced. For these street vendors, there’s more than their livelihood at stake: their entire culture and traditions are threatened. It’s a concern that comes to the attention of some Turkish youth, including a particular activist hip-hop gr

Institute Above-Ground is a documentary film about one of the early, euphoric building experiments made right after the Cuban revolution. The architecture of Vittorio Garatti’s “Instituto tecnológico de suelos y fertilizantes André Voisin“ feels futuristic. From its opening in 1965 until its closing, about 2000 students of agriculture learned, lived, worked, ate, and slept there. The complex was later transformed into an army prison, and is now empty. The ruin lies like a stranded spaceship in the flatlands near Güines, an ark for ideas yet to be realized.




Lisa Schmidt-Colinet and Alexander Schmoeger practice as architects in Vienna, Florian Zeyfang as artist and filmmaker in Berlin. Since 2003 they have collaborated on exhibitions and projects on architecture and film in Cuba. For exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Havana und Gdansk they produced installations with slide- / videoprojections. Together with Eugenio Valdés Figueroa they published “Pabellón Cuba, 4D – 4 Dimensions, 4 Decades” an extensive reader on art, architecture, and film in Cuba (b_books: Berlin 2008), based on an exhibition project for the 8.Havana Biennal 2003 conceived by RAIN (Siggi Hofer, Susi Jirkuff, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Alexander Schmoeger, Eugenio Valdés Figueroa, Florian Zeyfang).