Week 14: 11 – 17 September

Arquiteturas team believes this break is a great opportunity to look back at the festival’s last seven editions and provide viewers staying indoors worldwide with a selected retrospective of free streaming films. Each film will be released every Friday, running until next year’s edition, and can be viewed for one week. This initiative aims to provide visibility to the films and the makers and their contribution to initiating great discussions through their build environment stories. A live Q&A with the filmmakers, producers or authors will be announced whenever this is made possible, via the festival’s Instagram and FB pages.



1960 ARQUITETURAS’14 Rodrigo Areias, Portugal, 2014, 65′ 

1960 is a home-movie in a super 8 mm travel log. Intending, through Fernando Távora’s architecture and based on his logbook, to revisit the trip that the Architect made in 1960.



Rodrigo Areias began his studies in Management at the Portuguese Catholic University, graduated in Sound and Image at the School of Arts with specialization in image. He also specialised in Direction on the Tisch School of Arts at New York University and on the production Eurodoc program. He has developed throughout his career, creative work in the field of the independente cinema, in fiction and documentary, alternating with other works of video art and video clips for some of the best bands in the Portuguese rock scene (The Legendary Tiger Man, Wray Gunn, Dead Hand, Sean Riley, D3o, etc..) and various other projects. As a producer, he began his career in 2001 and has since produced and co-produced over 70 short, long, videos and documentaries. He has produced renowned authors like Edgar Pêra, João Canijo and FJ Ossang and young directors as André Gil Mata, João Rodrigues and Jorge Quintela. He also co-produced with Brazil, England, France, Germany and Finland. As a director, among several films, stands out Tebas (feature film) and Corrente(short film) which were represented in over fifty international film festivals and were awarded a dozen times. His second feature film premiered in Official Competition at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and was awarded awith a honorable mension. He was responsible for the film production of Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture where film directors such as Jean-Luc Godard, Aki Kaurismaki, Peter Greenaway, Manoel de Oliveira, Pedro Costa and Victor Erice where included.


In this film, my idea was to start from Fernando Távora’s notes and drawings and revisit several of the places that the architect visited, described and designed during his trip in 1960. And to think about architecture in a global context.
When I thought about this film, I thought about it as a complement to another fiction film that integrated the documentary in super 8mm. It will be a Film Noir, shot only in the decoration of Fernado Távora in Guimarães, where a documentary filmmaker who is making a super 8 mm documentary about the architect is murdered…
While this film continues to be postponed (given the hustle and bustle of production to which we were subjected), the documentary part of this diptych is thus concluded.
What inspired me for this documentary were the texts I knew from the Logbook that Fernando Távora wrote during his trip. The text that most impressed me was that of his visit to Taliesin, the passion with which he writes this experience that he himself assumes as transcendental. I wanted to bring these texts to life, but never pretending to be obvious or illustrative. Rather revisit them with the appropriate time distance.