And the Winners are…

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Best Portuguese Film 


Eduardo Brito 2016| Portugal| 9’  Language – Portuguese | Subs – English

The dystopian city of Penúmbria was founded two hundred years ago, in a distant isthmus — a place of arid soils, angry seas and violent weather. Penúmbria was due its name to the almost permanent shadows and cloudiness. One day, its inhabitants decided to leave, offering the city to time. This is the story of an uninhabitable place.

Best International Film 

La Cupola

Sattel Volker 2016| Alemanha/Germany| 40’  Language – Italian | Subs – English

The portrait of a house without supporting walls. A bold dome made of concrete, an open space right in the middle of the bizarre rock formations of a rugged coast made of reddish granite. The house belonged to actress Monica Vitti and director Michelangelo Antonioni. The emptiness of the cupola and the deserted quality of the site are the starting point for speculating, seemingly at random, figures wind up in the image and enter the dome, and even today, the utopia of an alternative concept of living seems to float above its form.

Best Experimental Film


Marta Covita 2015| Portugal| 12’ Idioma – N/A | Legendas – N/A Language – N/A| Subs – N/A

Peer is a contemplative film of everyday situations that take place at Pier of Columns in Lisbon. More than to make clear the urban perception of the space, it interested me to capture its abstraction.

New Talents Prize 


Antje Buchholz, Sven Flechsenhar & Maja Weyermann 2013| Germany| 12’ Language – N/A| Subs – N/A

The animation film “DLRG” examines one of the outstanding buildings of post-war Berlin. Designed by the architect Ludwig Leo, it was completed in 1973 and served the German Life Saving Association (DLRG) both as a base for land and water rescue operations and as winter storage for their boats. The film visualizes the inventive mechanisms and complex spatial relationships of this unique work of architecture by animating parts of Leo’s original drawings.

Prémio do Público | Audience Prize  – ex-aequo 

You’ll Soon Be Here

Fábio Petronilli 2016| The Netherlands| Portugal| 38’ Language – Portuguese/English | Subs – English

In recent years, Lisbon has become one of the European Cities with the larger tourism growth. In April 2016, Stadslab (Urban Design Laboratory of Tilburg University – Amsterdam) organized an international Masterclass on City Making & Tourism Gentrification for professionals and graduates: the urban intervention case-study was focused on Mouraria, one of the oldest Lisbon’s neighborhood. Originated as a 13th century Moorish neighborhood it remained a marginal, multicultural and poor downtown area, nowadays, parts of Mouraria are already affected by tourism: cheap property prices and proximity to other tourist destinations raise realistic assumptions that Mouraria will soon face large influx of investment in real estate and tourism infrastructure. The opportunity is its economic development, but the risk is the lost of its soul. Produced by Stadslab, Academia Cidadã , Largo Residencias and Arquiteturas Film Festival.

Audience Prize 


A House Or A Machine For Living In

Catarina Romano 2016| Portugal| 12’ Portuguese | Subs – English

Encontros entre pessoas, conversas e situações do quotidiano. Um discurso sem compromissos, às vezes nervoso, outras vezes tímido. Estas são as vozes ouvidas por acaso, contando seus pequenos contos que a imagem desvenda: ensaiando mundos que são casa-ser (ou ser-casa). Neste fluxo, entramos em territórios instáveis, lugar da obra-do-ser em progresso – a casa interior de cada um de nós.

People meeting and talking, and everyday situations. An uncompromised speech, sometimes edgy, others shy. These are the voices overheard, telling their small tales that the image unravels, multiplies or just exhales: rehearsing worlds that are house-being (or being-house), moored in boxes, bodies, secrets, desires, glimpses or the ephemeral materiality. In this flux, we step into unstable territories, place of the work-of-being-in-progress — the inner home of each of us.