Arquiteturas Film Festival

José Manuel Martins, João Soares and Jorge Branquinho discuss rehabilitation after the film screening of En Construcción. Curated by Luis Ferro

On the 15th October, Saturday at 09:00pm, at Rua das Gaivotas6, the film En Construcción will be displayed followed by a conversation with guests José Manuel Martins, João Soares and Jorge Branquinho.
En Construcción
José Luis Guerín
Curated by Luis Ferro
Production Support: Os Filhos de Lumière.
Film shown in the cycle No País do Cinema, a partnership between Os Filhos de Lumière and Cinema Fora dos Leões.
Institutional partnerships: Coleção B and RUA DAS GAIVOTAS 6
José Manuel Martins (Director of the Department of Philosophy of UÉ),
João Soares (Director of the PhD Program in Architecture of UÉ)
Jorge Branquinho (Cinema-fora-dos Leões)