José Manuel Martins, João Soares and Jorge Branquinho discuss rehabilitation after the film screening of En Construcción. Curated by Luis Ferro

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On the 15th October, Saturday at 09:00pm, at Rua das Gaivotas6, the film En Construcción will be displayed followed by a conversation with guests José Manuel Martins, João Soares and Jorge Branquinho.
En Construcción
José Luis Guerín
Curated by Luis Ferro
Production Support: Os Filhos de Lumière.
Film shown in the cycle No País do Cinema, a partnership between Os Filhos de Lumière and Cinema Fora dos Leões.
Institutional partnerships: Coleção B and RUA DAS GAIVOTAS 6
José Manuel Martins (Director of the Department of Philosophy of UÉ),
João Soares (Director of the PhD Program in Architecture of UÉ)
Jorge Branquinho (Cinema-fora-dos Leões)