In promoting the encounter of sciences such as geology and archeology with fields such as philosophy, poetry and the arts, this session proposes the construction of an extended ecological sense for the relation of the human being with the natural landscapes.

The documentary Céide Fields shows us how layers of soil are archives of geological memory and the past states of nature. Marks left by neolithic communities under arable land can be rich sources of “ecological wisdom.” Remote places such as this archaeological site on the north-east coast of Ireland keep records of secular climate change and ancestral knowledge about sustainable farming techniques.

Ecology of Wonds, in elaborating a phenomenological perception of a decimated natural landscape, launches a philosophical reflection on the destructive action of Man on the terrestrial surface. The narrative proposes to think about to what extent the marks of this alteration can be perceived as irreversibly open wounds on the planet. In her analogy between the terrestrial surface and the surface of human skin, the artist / director proposes a radical ethical challenge: “What if, as a form of self-control of our destructive drive, we inflict the same injuries on our own bodies?”

Waves, the experimental film of this session, captures landscapes of cultivated fields with a camera that simulates the back and forth movement of the sea waves, induces us to think about the geological transience of the relation between the land mass and the aquatic environment in the occupation of the planet’s space. The filmed camps were once, in remote times, the seabed, may one day go back to be again.

The Portuguese film Cemitério das Âncoras is constructed from stills that compose a “visual ethnographic study” on the decline of tuna fishing in Portuguese coasts. By linking images of rock formations, deserted beaches, isolated buildings, abandoned boats and anchors, the film seems to use a research method similar to that of Robert Smithson’s Land Art to show the sculptural qualities of the natural environment and the human constructions that alter and define the coast.




Vojtech Domlatil
Chzec Republic, 2017, 3’
Experimental Competition
Portuguese Premiere


Ecology of Wounds

Asja Keeman
The Netherlands, 2018, 11’
New Talents Competition
Portuguese Premiere



Cemitério das Âncoras

Veronika Spierenburg and Nuno Barraso
Portugal, 2017, 8’
Experimental Competition


Céide Fields

Davide Gambino and Gabriele Gismondi
Italy, 2018, 45’
Documentary Competition
Portuguese Premiere