The feature lenght of the official programme for this session is about the collective agency of efforts and talents from different areas such as cinema, architecture and the arts to carry out a work; it is about the human capacity to mobilize funds and desires to build. Idea is Paramount: The Architectural Passions of Andrzej Wajda narrates the involvement of the film director in the construction of the Museum of Japanese Art, authored by the renowned Japanese architect Arata Isosaki, in the Polish city of Krakow. The documentary reveals the era of a communist Poland in which the political context imposed difficulties to carry out the project. Filmmaker Andrzej Wajda plays a decisive role in the realization of the work, not only as articulator and patron, but as co-author.

Sorge 87, the experimental short of this session, is also part of the political context of the Iron Curtain. The film tells us about the supply of factory labor between Communist Vietnam and East Germany belonging to the Soviet bloc. It shows the adaptation of these people to the German culture, as they lived in the housing estates reserved for the proletariat and the community life that developed in these spaces.


Sorge 87

Thanh Nguyen Phuong
Germany, 2018, 10′
Experimental Competition
Portuguese Premiere


Idea is Paramount: The Architectural Passions of Andrzej Wajda

Jacek Link-Lenczowski
Poland, 2018, 55’
Documentary Official Program
Portuguese Premiere