Chega de Fiu Fiu + Guided Tour in partnership with Mulheres na Arquitectura

Amanda Kamanchek and Fernanda Frazão
Brazil, 2018, 73‘
Documentary Official Program
Portuguese Premiere


First screening Saturday 8 June 7.30 pm


Guided Tour: “Action! City with a gender perspective


Cities are complex spaces and there are many and varied individual and collective experiences of those who inhabit them. The condition of being a girl or woman in the urban context implies an experience where the gender stereotypes and the current patriarchal matrix condition, often dramatically affect the freedoms of life, existence and full citizenship.

The film is followed by a walk through the city where it is intended to reflect on the complex web of subalternities and oppressions that the cities carry to the objectified, racialized and classified bodies of women.


Mulheres na Arquitectura

Founded in 2017, it aims at reflection and action in the field of gender equity in the various practices involved in making architecture, city and territory.

FoundersAna CatarinoAna JaraJoana BragaJoana Pestana LagesLia Antunes, Luísa Paiva, Patrícia Santos PedrosaRita Ochoa e Sofia Castelo.