What links the cities of Doel (Belgium), Colma (California, USA) and Geneva (Switzerland), scenarios of the films of this session? The cities seem the same inhospitable place, where no one really liked to live, places abandoned or inhabited by few people. Colma has about 1000 inhabitants, while Doel, no more than 25. The films frame isolated lives, distant from the agitation of large urban centers, but not necessarily lived in abandonment.

The interior of the houses of Doel, the small town near Antwerp, seems more welcoming than the empty streets. Inside there is life, people resist and have quiet existence, despite the announced demolition of the houses for the expansion of the port of Antwerp. Those who went out reported that they were happy because they knew all who lived there; the few that remain are convinced that they could not live elsewhere. Despite the isolation and precarious state of the town, there seems to be a sense of belonging to Doel.

The same feeling is also explored in 6129 m². Father and daughter seek, on the outskirts of Geneva, the ideal house, desired, designed and thought from fragments of other houses visited, but never built. The film addresses the fact that the real house you have, may never be the one you dream of, but it can still be a home.

Notes on Living is about the Colma city-cemetery in the United States, created for the unwanted dead of San Francisco. The experimental short shows a city where the number of graves far exceeds the population density, where life and death seem to overlap harmoniously in the same space.


Notes on Living

Inês Pedrosa e Melo
Portugal, 2018 4’
New talents Competition


6129 m²

Julie Bellard
Switzerland, 2017, 24’
Documentary Competition
Portuguese Premiere



Frederik Sølberg
Denmark , 2018, 66’
Documentary Competition
Portuguese Premiere