In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, Arquiteturas’19 presents Bauhaus Spirit (Germany, 2018), a documentary part of the official programme about the pioneering German school and its role in promoting a revolutionary convergence of the fields of architecture, design and the arts with industry. Inventor of a modular architecture, serialized, economical and based on ergonomic principles and human scale, the documentary weaves considerations on the current relevance of the essence of Bauhaus at a time when architects and urban planners pose the fundamental question of how to build a city for all, today. How can the problems of housing informality in outlying cities be solved through an urban design inspired by rationalist (and also humanist) principles inherited from Bauhaus? How could this iconic design movement of the last century be the basis for the invention of new urban models?

As if it had been inspired by creative Bauhaus methods, the animation Sculpt the Motion tests the kinetic possibilities of a shiny plastic material to produce visual effects similar to that of a Serpentine Dance. By placing this continuous metamorphosis of forms before an architectural setting, the video experiences sculpture as flow rather than as static volume.

To celebrate the anniversary and in collaboration with the festival, the Goethe-Institut provides acces to the document Bauhaus:


Session Presented by Architect Jorge Nunes



Sculpt the Motion

Devis Venturelli
Italy, 2017, 6’
Experimental Competition
Portuguese Premiere


Bauhaus Spirit

Niels Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch
Alemanha Germany, 2018, 95’
Documentary Official Program
Portuguese Premiere


Second Screening 9 June Saturday 7:45 pm