The experimental short that opens Arquiteturas’19, the Dutch Tractordans, puts us before a flow of tractors that move choreographically on the field. They are orchestrated machines, tuned in the work of transforming the natural environment. They leave behind lines, geometries, marks on the ground that serve as metaphors for human nature prone to the artificialization of the landscape. The film operates as a meditation on the role of agriculture, one of the major agents of nature modification according to human needs.

The documentary Melting Souls by director François-Xavier Destors is about the city of Norilsk, the world’s largest producer of copper and nickel in northern Russia, as well as one of the most polluted cities in the world. Melting Souls explores the difficulties of living in one of the many mono-functional cities of the extinct Soviet Union whose life revolves around the mining and processing industries. It is, above all, a poetic look at the geographical limits of civilization where one struggles to survive and from which one also tries to escape.



Neeltje ten Westenend
The Netherlands, 2014 ,7’
Experimental Official program
Portuguese Premiere


Melting Souls

François-Xavier Destors
França, 2018, 77’
Documentary Competition
Portuguese Premiere
Q&A with both filmmakers