The films of this session, in a timely manner, stage the different faces of the political moment of the country. Rio de Janeiro appears as one of the states most affected by the political, economic and ideological crisis that takes over Brazil.


The deepening of the recent economic crisis in the state and city of Rio de Janeiro, more than in other Brazilian states, originates in endemic corruption and inefficiency of public management. This is the scenario of Life in Grey, winner of the Arquiteturas Prize at the Archcine 2018 – International Film Festival of Architecture in Rio de Janeiro. “There is something of which no wonderful city in the world manages to escape: the crisis. Rio de Janeiro had to cut spending on health, education, transportation and wages. But by far the most extreme cut suffered by the city was the cutting of its colors. ” Thus begins the “false documentary,” a critical metaphor for neoliberal spending adjustment policies that privilege the foreign market and speculative profits to the detriment of investments in social, cultural, and educational policies. In the film, color alludes to the diversity, hedonism and pulsation of life and culture in the city, threatened by the policy of conservative asepsis that came to power.


The escalation of violence is a further development of this crisis, and it becomes clear today with the upsurge of the macho culture in the country. Rio de Janeiro serves only as a sampling in a country that appears as the fifth largest number of femicides in the world. In Chega de Fiu Fiu, also winner of the Arquiteturas Award at Brasília’s Archcine 2018, addresses the ways in which the urban fabric affects women’s lives through the city designed by and for men. The competing documentary discusses how sexual harassment practiced daily on the streets of cities such as São Paulo, Brasilia and Salvador is a result of urban design that compromises women’s right to public space.


Life in Grey

Leonardo Martinelli
Brazil, 2018, 15’
Fiction Competition
Portuguese Premiere


Chega de Fiu Fiu

Amanda Kamanchek e Fernanda Frazão
Brazil, 2018, 73‘
Documentary Competttion
Portuguese Premiere


Second screening on Sunday 9 at 11am followed by the city guied tour.