Given the scenario of current political instability, forensic science has been increasingly mobilized to investigate war crimes, genocide, and human rights abuses. To do so, it has used a wide range of new imaging technologies (satellites, drones, mobile phones and videos released in social media) that go beyond the old analog techniques; it has also sought multidisciplinary expertise in anthropology, geography, archeology and geology, sciences involved in a greater or lesser extent with the interpretation of the traces left by the facts in the lived space.


Forensic architecture, subject matter in the documentary Truth Detectives, means the use of advanced technologies of image capture and treatment for reconstruction of the landscape and interpretation of the traces left in it. What kind of decisive transformation does the action of Man impart to space? What traces does He leave? Truth Detectives shows the intolerant destruction of Mali’s religious architectural heritage and the destruction of entire neighborhoods of Palestinian cities by random missiles. In line with Human Nature, Truth Detectives elaborates a reflection on human nature capable of perpetrating such acts.


Atlas of wonded buildings, one of the experimental films of this session, casts a poetic look at the forensic techniques used to interpret the bullet holes left by the Nazis in the historic buildings of Germany. The film proposes the sharpening of a forensic look attentive to the constructed matter of the city, a textual surface, readable and impregnated with historical memory.

The experimental short Landscape for a Person uses an image capture technology similar to forensic investigation: Google Street View. However, what is at stake here is the drama faced by migrants in danger or deportation. The film gives visibility to frontiers where the drama of the migratory flow is unknown and raises a reflection on the economic and social reasons that lead human beings to launch themselves in those desperate crossings.


Landscape for a person

Florencia Levy
Argentina, 2016, 8’
Experimental Competition
Portuguese Premiere


Atlas of the Wounded Buildings

Thadeusz Tischbein
Germany, 2016, 12’
Experimental Competition
Portuguese Premiere


Truth Detectives

Anja Reiss
Germany, 2017, 85’
Documentary Competition
Portuguese Premiere