In this session we present the project Atelier d ‘Arquitetura, a documentary series that runs through buildings, structures, concepts, pieces, houses or museums that stand out most in the Portuguese territory. The role of design and architecture in the quality of life of populations. To think the object. The human being as a user of spaces. Lines, curves and angles that multiply in different textures.


The selection of three documentaries from the complete series of 26 episodes, lies in its approach to the themes we want to discuss in this edition with the theme Human Nature. And give the public the opportunity to meet and discuss with the authors of the series the pertinence of the project.

Atelier d ‘Arquitetura

3 Episodes, Portugal, 75 ‘, 2018
Authors – Victor Neves, Carlos Lopes
Director – Ricardo Gonçalves
Production – Até ao Fim do Mundo for RTP2


Coa Museum

The Coa Museum represents a tribute to the prehistoric art of the Coa Valley. Its Architecture in harmony with the landscape, heritage and nature, form a unique moment and allegory to the aesthetics of the shape in balance with the place. The fusion of these elements is fundamental to understand Architecture in a context of contemplation, function and place. The Architecture takes a place of installation in the landscape.


Os Espacialistas

Os Espacialistas are a group of young Portuguese architects who pursue a utopian and alternative vision of Architecture. Using the happening, ephemeral installations, graphic design, models, video and photography, Espacialistas are a rare case in the context of contemporary Portuguese architecture. Scenes of a laboratory where architecture is contaminated with the contemporary arts. The testimonies of other creative agents that cross each other in the Espacialistas’ imagination.


Contemporary Architecture in the Azores

The new contemporary Portuguese architecture in the island territory of the Azores, in a context between new languages, the landscape, the ecosystem, geology and protected natural heritage. The building materials are derived from the raw material of the islands and are fundamental elements for the integration of Architecture in a place and contributors to the territory sustainability and integration in the landscape. Nature is the inspiring element of the architectural form that is concretized in the interaction with its ecosystem.