First, an old mining town in Chile; second, one of the most sophisticated scientific research centres of the world, in Switzerland: two worlds that would appear to have nothing in common… Yet both of them are truly experimental cities; microcosms where humans attempt to control nature and ‘play god’ with technology. The first film, Loa’s Promise, proposes a utopian solution for obsolete mining cities; the second, Almost Nothing gives an insight into the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) near Geneva: a very peculiar, almost townlike place, where 2500 staff members all work for the same cause, under the watchful eye of the whole planet. We get to know them from an unconventional perspective: not as robots or mere extensions of the technology they are working with, as in the usual portrayals, but just as well as the normal people who meet for lunch in the canteen. From the directors of Temporary 8th (2012) and Hometown Mutonia (2013), back at Arquiteturas Film Festival for the third time.



Loa’s Promise

Joshua Dawson
USA, 2018, 7’
Experimental Competition
Portuguese Premiere


Almost Nothing | CERN Experimental City

Anna de Manincor and ZimmerFrei
Italy/France/Belgium 2018, 74 min
Documentary Competition
Portuguese Premiere