Collectives Gathering @Note Galeria de Arquitectura


Collectivism has become increasingly relevant, as it gives rise to experimentation and creation, from which often result interdisciplinary collaborations with the objective of approaching new concepts and challenging the community to play an active role in urban transformations. The purpose of this gathering is to reveal the work of the five invited collectives in order to exchange ideas about the themes addressed throughout this edition of the festival. The architect Isabel Barbas will mediate the discussion.



The collective Spacetranscribers is focused on expanding stabilized notions of Architecture to other artistic and scientific areas, in order to develop and explore new tools of action in the built environment.


Oficina Gato Morto

Oficina do Gato Morto, a collective of artists, architects, designers, builders and dreamers that expands freely to occupy spaces.


Colectivo Warehouse

The differentiating factor of the collective is the ability to design and build your own projects. The Hands-on approach is transversal to its practice, being a large part of its identity.


Passa ao futuro

Pass to the Future is a new cultural initiative, which is creating a database in conjunction with the UNESCO Chair and CEARTE on artisans in Portugal who still work with traditional techniques.


Os Espacialistas

Espacialistas focus their projects on the understanding of spatial relationships, the transfiguration and the metamorphosis of the bodily and symbolically inhabited space.