Four meditative short films with interesting crossovers in terms of storyline and cinematography. In each of them a building becomes a character of its own in a way that would not be allowed in a longer film: a student shelter in Mexico enables its residents to make a new start while sharing and adapting the space of their new home. A lonely house at a windy land’s-end in the north of Scotland invites each of us to recall memories of places and things, experience returns and new beginnings. A residential complex from the late 1960s in Milan, familiarly baptized the Red Dinosaur by its inhabitants, hosts in its entrails a parallel microcosm, the idea of a futuristic alternative city. And a high-rise from the 1970s in Porto is but another reliquary, embodying the memories of its residents then and now, helping Russa in particular to bridge between her life before and after prison. Let these four shorts captivate you with their potential to give architecture a leading role and express its truly human nature.


Barojas Quezada
Mexico, 2017, 15’
Documentary Competition
Portuguese Premiere


Eduardo Brito
Portugal, 2018, 7’
Fiction Competition

Monte Amiata

Italy, 2017, 22’
Experimental Competition
Portuguese Premiere


João Salaviza & Ricardo Alves Jr.
Brazil, 2018, 20’
Fiction Competition
Portuguese Premiere