This session brings up a subject previously discussed in the festival, but, still, of major relevance: gentrification and touristification of Portuguese cities. The films in this session speculate the relationship between gentrification and tourism in a year in which Portugal is once again one of the main tourist destination in the world, the same year in which the social impact of tourism is already worrying to the point of becoming an agenda for institutional debates. Meanwhile, in the last two years, the rentals in Lisbon and Porto beat records and reach unbearable levels for the Portuguese.

For example, in the film Allis Ubbo (Portugal, 2018), not only the scaffolding of the constructions makes up the gentrified landscape of Lisbon, but also the colossal transatlantic ships that bring in the terminal of Santa Apolonia pouring hundreds of tourists in the city. The whole route of tourist truisms begins from the port, from where tourists bring with them the desire to “consume the city”.

Exist non-exist (Portugal, 2018), also filmed in Lisbon, shows the process of exclusion of local populations with the purpose of valuing the urban territory. The film captures the violence of the ongoing massive demolition tractors of the old houses, chronicling the sad day-to-day of people being evicted and others resisting the evacuation in the middle of the rubble. The film mainly shows how the valorization of the soil is privileged instead of the investment in social housing.

On Familiar Waters (Lebanon, 2018) casts a poetic and reflective look on the relationship, generative and also destructive, of water (sea) with the city, its buildings, houses and apartments. Water is treated as an elemental force of nature that has great regency over our lives, being treated in the film as an element that awakens the perception of the unstoppable metamorphoses that every city goes through.

On Familiar Waters  

Rita Mahfouz
Lebanon, 2018, 8’
New Talents Competition
Portuguese Premiere

Exist, non-exist

Karoliina Gröndahl
Portugal, 2018, 11’
New Talents Competition

Alis Ubbo

Paulo Abreu
Portugal, 2018, 63’
Experimental Competition