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At the beginning of this session will be presented the two winning films of the We Art Water Film Festival, an international short film competition organized by We Are Water Foundation

Science has warned of the imminence of a global water crisis. Today, 1 billion people do not have adequate access to this resource considered as a fundamental right. The World Resources Institute estimates that 2040 will be the year when water scarcity will hit 3.5 billion people worldwide; while by 2050 it predicts a 30% increase in world water demand. This whole scenario, aggravated by the degradation of the environment, is mainly due to the negligent management of water by the governments. In some parts of the planet the crisis has already arrived. In Scenes from a Dry City, the population of Cape Town in South Africa fears the arrival of Day zero when the taps will no longer have water. While in the wealthiest neighborhoods of the city, water arrives in abundance, the poorest people in the city face long supply days, being prevented by police from using it for any purpose other than for their own consumption. In the film, water scarcity is shown not only as a problem caused by the privatization of a resource essential to life, but also as an issue closely linked to racial inequality and the income disparity of society. Thank you for the Rain, tells the saga of Kisilu, a Kenyan farmer who heroically attempts to instruct his community about sustainable planting techniques in arid lands. Kisilu’s Persistence reaches the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris, 2015, when it has the opportunity to raise world leaders’ awareness of the fragility of rural communities like theirs, the largest affected by climate change from carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere by industrialized countries.


Scenes from a Dry City

Simon Wood and Francois Verster
South Africa, 2018, 12’
Documentary Competition
Portuguese Premiere


Thank you for the Rain

Julia Dahr
UK, 2018, 87’ 
Documentary Official Program
Portuguese Premiere