Tudo é paisagem is the documentary that tells, through names like Francisco Caldeira Cabral and António Viana Barreto, the history of the construction of a Portuguese landscape identity. In dealing with cases such as Serralves Park, at Porto, Eduardo VII Park, Gulbenkian Foundation Gardens and Belém Tower, the film seeks to explore Landscape Architecture as a human practice that goes beyond the understanding of nature as a risk. It is proposed to think of this variant of architecture as: a practice whose essence is in the creation of humanized landscapes integrated ethically, ecologically and aesthetically in nature; as well as an instrument for solving the maladministration of the territory.

Tudo é Paisagem

Duarte Natário
Portugal, 2019, 56’
Documentary Official Program

Following the film the architect Luís Ferro presents the dissertation Inner Cosmos and in the end talks with the filmmaker Duarte Natário:

Inner Cosmos by Luis Ferro (30’)

Following the dialogue between the film Tudo é Paisagem and the trilogy of silence from Ingmar Bergman, this presentation studies the role of architectural elements such as windows and doors (frames within frames) on the construction of a pure interior human landscape.