The Proposal, an official program film, is part of a multimedia art work also composed of an exhibition, a book and a series of letters that make up a narrative. The artist, writer and director of the film, Jill Magid, immerses herself in the personal story of Luis Barragán to elaborate a conceptual work from the sale of the architect’s professional archive to the Vitra furniture company in Switzerland. The idea is to propose the return of the professional archive to Mexico in exchange for an “unusual object”, part of the work itself. The proposal has caused controversy and circulated a debate around access to archives with public equity value: what happens to the legacy of an important artist when it is controlled by a corporation? Who has access to it? The Proposal is a semi-documentary and semi-fictional criticism, which deals with the possession of the archive by the Swiss corporation as a matter of cultural sovereignty.

The Proposal

Jill Magid
USA, 2018 83’
Documentary Official Program
Portuguese Premiere

Second Screening Friday 8 June 8 pm