Landing, participant in the experimental competition, shows a newly built corporate building in Seoul, South Korea. In narrating the building’s morphological and material qualities, the architectural photographer, in charge of registering the high-tech cube of a privileged point of view, reflects on the material demands and the collective human labor necessary to carry out a work of this size. Above all, the film is about how cinema (and photography) plays a central role in the phenomenological (and critical) perception of architecture.

Inside a block of the 20º arrondisement of Paris, the documentary Enchanted Crimée, the Multistoried Architecture shows the Metek, a recently completed project dedicated to social housing in one of the last gentrified areas of the city. The architecture is boldly contemporary, the materials sophisticated, the common space calculated to provoke the encounter and promote the feeling of neighborhood. The architect Sarah Bitter justifies the project as an intentionally social architecture of quality in which photography, dance and cinema are part of her method of designing.

In Amsterdam, Radio Voorwaarts, a kind of cultural association, bar and disco is about to end its activities. The warehouse that houses the radio serves as a kind of bunker against the gentrification of the neighborhood. Voorwaarts Radio seems to be the last place of resistance where young people are amused and reflect on the loss of the right to the city. At parties fueled by techno and rock, the regulars eagerly narrate an Amsterdam from decades past when everyone had time to live their dreams.

Radio Voorwaarts

Mateo Vega
The Netherlands, 2018, 20’
New Talents Competition
Portuguese Premiere


Shirin Sabahi
Germany, 2018, 20’
Experimental competition
Portuguese Premiere

Enchanted Crimée, a Multistoried Architecture

France, 2017, 30′
Documentary Competition
Directed by Sophie Comtet Kouyaté
Portuguese Premiere