Session Sponsored by RS Group: Architecture and Engineering and presented by the Architect Pedro Resende

Form follows survival. Toward a geoarchitecture.

Revolution is happening. We are living in the Anthropocene, a period during which the human activity has been the dominant influence on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems. As a result, we are confronted by climate change, income inequalities, mass civic movements and migrations.  In response, our studies propose that it “is a question of building that is key to the equilibrium upset today”.

Accepting that all architecture is geoarchitecture is a fundamental ticket to enter the 4th industrial revolution, and achieving a state where even the smallest house has a positive “syntropic” impact in the regeneration of environments, economies and communities is the tilt of the scale needed to cope with the harmful effects of unsustainable growth of urban population and human activities.

The architect has always been the specialist in not being a specialist, which means a holistic way for building our cities. The architect’s way can steer this revolution. Geoarchitecture or extinction.

Pedro Resende

In Layla 1993, the experimental short film that begins the session, we elaborate reflections on the migrant essence of the human being. The success of the human race is due to its migrant essence and its constant quest for independence.

Science estimates that the Anthropocene, the geological era of land under human domination, began about 11,000 years ago. The beginning of the Anthropocene is written on the rocks where science can detect traces of the first changes of the landscape with the emergence of agriculture and urbanization, with the first records of carbon dioxide produced by the Industrial Revolution of the XVIII century and with the atomic explosions of the XX century. Today, predatory mineral extraction, non-recyclable garbage accumulation, and hyper-urbanization are the major agents of alarming anthropogenic changes in the planet’s geology. The Anthropocene is above all the time when the balance of natural systems and the limits of sustainability of the planet have become irreversible in such a way that they threaten the survival of the human species. This is what is discussed in Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, one of the official program films that best translate Human Nature.

Layla 1993

Dahyu Hashimi
Sweden, 2018, 2’
Experimental Competition
Portuguese Premiere

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky
Canada, 2018, 87’
Documentary Official Program
Portuguese Premiere