Theo Jansen is a very peculiar artist. He uses PVC pipes to create fantastic, imaginary animals: tens of different ones since the early 1990s. They remind of dinosaur skeletons with a length of up to twelve meters and have distinct Latin names, just like ‘real’ animals of flesh and blood. Jansen calls the species ‘Strandbeest’, because its natural habitat is along the Dutch coast, where the artist brings his creatures to life. They nourish themselves with wind, which allows them to move autonomously over hundreds of meters. And in the course of time, they have evolved and become more resistant to harsh weather conditions.

A whole philosophy resides in Jansen’s work. With his ‘beach beasts’, he creates an entirely new nature – he even imagines them to be able to survive in herds, once, without his supervision. Immerse yourself in Jansen’s world and enjoy it as you wish: Dwell with him on the Dutch coastland, where the synergy of land and water becomes so perceptible and the forces of nature embrace you. Join him on one of the interminable reparation sessions, lovingly caring for his faithful, poetic companions. Let him transport you in his optimistic reconciliation with the ephemeral character of our existence. Human nature in all its multifaceted richness.


A Boy’s Dream

Walther Grotenhuis & Cinta Forger
The Netherlands, 2015, 70’
Documentary Official Program