ARQUITETURAS was born in 2013 and is an independent project promoted by DYMA – Do You
Mean Architecture, which is dedicated to research and creation of events based on interpersonal
relations, architecture and audiovisual arts. The festival claims that “there is no cinema
without architecture” and features documentary, experimental and fiction films from around the
world, inspired by architecture.

The festival disseminates the fusion between architecture and cinema, design and the visual
arts, seeking to value and boost the national and international circulation of works from creators
that act in the intersection of disciplines and artistic languages.

The aim of ARQUITETURAS is and will continue to be, to discover and showcase films
that initiate real and valid discussions from our contemporary world and that amplify the critical
thinking of those who participate and are spectators.

This year, in its 6th edition, we are going to explore what we have learned from the futuristic, utopian
or hyperrealist stories that have shaped our visual culture through film.

Sofia Mourato
Director of Arquiteturas Film Festival