Exhibition Building Cinema | 6-10 June at Forum Lisboa

In the framework of a partnership with AEFA and we proposed an exercise to explore the intersections between architecture and cinema. The works produced will be the subject of the exhibition BUILDING CINEMA patent from 6 to 10 June at the Lisbon Forum.

This exercise puts in comparison concepts inherent to the accomplishment of the architectural work and the cinematographic work with special incidence in the way of thinking and conceiving the architectural space and the city. Time, space, and movement are instruments that the two disciplines share and manipulate. In the cinema, each presented fragment acquires meaning through the context that is attributed to it in the sequentiality of the film. In architecture, the experience of each space contributes to the articulation of a whole, shaping its final meaning. The cinema recomposes the architecture in the framework, creating, in this way, a new architecture within the existing one: the one that is presented to us. The landscape and architectural elements are not just a background, contributing, like the protagonists, to decipher the plot. The city is experienced as the film and the film as the city: it is the accumulation of experiences and the effect they have on our perception and experience of space.

“The architecture of cinema does not possess a utilitarian or inherent value – the characters, events, and architecture interact and designate each other. Architecture gives the cinematic episode its ambiance, and the meanings of the event are projected on architecture. The cinematic narrative defines the boundaries of lived reality […]” (Pallasmaa, 2007)

Curated by Vera Beltrão