Arquiteturas and Kino-Doc


KINO-DOC documentary film was created in December 2012 with the aim of providing two documentary courses (one initial and one advanced, in a second year) that were innovative in their programs and gave technical validity to professionals and students of different areas of knowledge. Teaching cinema in theoretical terms through images of the cinema itself, projected, explained and debated, and in practical terms enabling students to use the recent high-resolution cameras enabled at low cost, culminating in learning non-linear editing and other post-production procedures.

The courses of KINO-DOC were designed to be rigorous, economic and based on an artistic cinematographic formation that takes into account the constant innovative possibilities that open in the audiovisual universe, and that allows each student to go through the entire film process, concluding the school year with a film of his own (a short film in the 1st year and a long movie in the 2nd).

The accessibility and flexibility of their methods reflect the fundamental proposition of this project: to democratize the professional practice of the art of cinema.

KINO-DOC classes have been attended by dozens of people, with or without previous knowledge in video and cinema, who have developed films of different types (documentaries of a social nature, biographical, scientific,docu-fiction, etc.), many with exhibitions in cycles and film festivals, cultural centers, art galleries, both in national and international contexts.

KINO-DOC has collaborated with various entities, such as Casa da Imprensa, Union of Journalists, OPTEC, Olhares do Mediterraneo, Signes de Nuit, Offside Lisboa and now Arquiteturas.

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