Pre-premiere of the new film about Alvaro Siza in Roca Lisboa Gallery

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As warm up, and in partnership with Roca Lisbon Gallery, ARQUITETURAS will present on 10 and 11 October the premiere of two documentaries about Portuguese architects of reference: Álvaro Siza and Carvalho Araújo.

10Out/SEG/Roca Lisboa Gallery/19h00
Having a Cigarette with Álvaro Siza (EP)
Iain Dilthey

Talking architecture with Álvaro Siza Vieira – Architect, socialist, passionate smoker.

(Portuguese Pre-Premiere)

11Out/TER/Roca Lisboa Gallery/19h00
(Re)GNRation (EM)
Carvalho Araújo

Director will be present

(World Premiere)
(re)GNRation is the first mini-documentary produced by Atelier Carvalho Araújo. Integrated in the Projeto CAdentro, these mini-documentaries aim to build a different look on the dynamics and processes that characterize the natural evolution of any project, running away from pictures that lead us to preconceived ideas, imputing to any building a wrong notion of perfection and infallibility. We want to show that architecture can also (and should) be understood through people and each building works as a living organism, whose beauty lies often in the weaknesses that are revealed over time. Why return to GNRation? GNRation was designed from the beginning as an unfinished project, a building whose characteristics allowed it to evolve over time and whose dynamics should result from more or less spontaneous acts of appropriation. It is important for us to understand how the building has been adapted to the different needs and especially to realize how the whole process of post-occupancy of the building has been conducted. It is important to recognize gnration through the eyes of people who appropriate the building. We returned to GNRation.