Fitacola Collage designs our poster and shows Rehabit exhibition at Forum Lisboa

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Rehabit: A collection of works by Fitacola Collage on the Forum Lisbon Bar which will be exhibited between 12 and October 16.
Fitacola collages play with the notion of time and space, they are subversions of old images, whose identity has been rescued and recombined into a simplified and fragmented reorientation, it’s form refers to a fictional, utopic new reality.
Its geometric-surrealist features are also materialized through the “rehabilitation” of paper and its fragments, originating new representations, in this specific case with strong architectural references.
• About Fitacola Collage:
Fitacola collage is a duo – Carlos Quitério and Graça Santos — who make collage artworks for illustration, sights, advertising and design. They and assemble mostly bits and scraps of paper, transforming them in new stories with different purposes.
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