Since its establishment on 1954, the Chamber of Architects of Istanbul performs wide range of cultural events regarding the development of the architectural culture, preservation of historical heritage and the improvement of the quality of life. For the purpose of adding a new dimension to these efforts, since 2007, it has been launching an organization titled “Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival”. This organization is planned to ensure the participation of all diverse disciplines that are interested in this area, particularly the architects.

The festival is programmed within the scope of the “Architecture and Urban Festival”, that is realized by the Istanbul Branch of the Istanbul Chamber of Architects on the occasion of the “World Day of Architecture” The World Day of Architecture is massively celebrated in the world on the first Monday of the month of October.

The scope of the festival covers the films made in the type of documentary and animation. The films that have participated in the festival from Turkey and abroad, and who have been successful in the preliminary elimination, are shown to the audience and a competition is applied among those films. Furthermore, in order to encourage exchange of ideas among the participants, various conversations and activities might also be organized.

This year we had the gratitude of hosting in Istanbul the films from the sister festival Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisbon with a special Gala opening and the screening of 7 movies in 5 sessions as part of our annual Urban Dreams Workshop parallel events. And now we are growing this relation here in Lisbon with the selected 4 films from our competition for Lisbon audience.

Selma Erdem, Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival



Han /Inn
Highlighting significance of heritage protection Inn succesfuly investigates propertety issues through the story of a 17th century commercial building in the Historic Peninsula of Istanbul.


Komşu Komşu Huu! / Hey Neighbour!
Hey Neighbour! Hits its audience with its creative characters that associate the conflict of sociall class struggles triggered by urban transformation.


Koro / The Choir
The Choir is a symbol of friendship despite culture differences. One of the oldest churches of the World in South east cosmopolite Turkey in Hatay province represents a genuine example of peace.


Aşağı Yukarı Galata / Up and Down Galata
An old bookstore in Galata neighbourhood had witnessed the changes in socio-cultural values that had been represented by places. These places had also been the symbols of cultural diversity in Istanbul. Such a documentation reveals the historical facts and incidents that disrupt such places as well as the common values.


Up and Down Galata and Han
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Komşu Komşu Huu! / Hey Neighbour! and Koro / The Choir
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