In addition to the renovation of the physical built environment, urban regeneration requires a deep and invisible inner transformation. According to Pierre Nora, human memory is anchored to the spaces we inhabit physically and mentally ( Nora, 1989) , and its transformation involves a review of notions of identity and of individual and collective memory, since these places are wires that connect the past to the present. The film En Construcción (2001) and Henriqueta, Uma Cartografia Íntima (2008-2012 ) explores the notions of identity and memory associated with urban renewal and will be discussed by a panel of filmmakers and academics linked to the fields of architecture, Cinema, Philosophy and Sociology. Films integrated in No Pais do Cinema flm sessions, a partnership between Os Filhos de Lumière and Cinema Fora dos Leões.
Guided tour around rehabilitation works of the Mouraria district, headed by architect Nuno Simões and film director Fabio Petronilli, which will end with a book launch of City-Making and Tourism Gentrification followed by the film screening of You’ll Soon Be Here (2016) by Fabio Petronilli, at CIM (Mouraria Creative Hub).

En Construcción

En Construcción

The film focuses upon the construction of an upscale apartment block in Barcelona’s Barrio Chino district, as swathes of the neighbourhood are demolished in the city’s eradication of the physical infrastructure of vice as part of an EU funded urban dev...

José Manuel Martins (Dir. of the Philosophy Department of the EU)
João Soares (Dir. of the Doctoral Programme in Architecture of the UÉ)
Jorge Branquinho (Cinema-Fora-dos-Leões)


Curator: Luís Ferro
Production: Teresa Garcia e Rossana Torres – Os Filhos de Lumière
Institutional partnerships: Colecção B e RUA DAS GAIVOTAS 6


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Henriqueta, Uma Cartografia Íntima (2008-2012 )

TALK + FILM | OCT 16 | 5pm


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9:00 pm


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