Diagonale du Vide (EP)
Guillaume Ballandras

Drifting along the empty diagonal and its suburban areas at the end of a hot summer. Some lucky encounters. Warehouses, roundabouts, colored logos, an exploration into the frozen waters of everyday life.



Cais (EM)
Marta Covita

CAIS is a contemplative film of everyday situations that take place at Pier of Columns in Lisbon. More than to make clear the urban perception of the space, it interested me to capture its abstraction.


Champ des Possibles (EP)
Cristina Picchi
2015/Canada, Italy, Sweden/14’

A contemporary city symphony where floating memories blend with urban sounds and the natural elements, where tales of loss and love are mirrored by the demolition and construction of new buildings, where death and birth stand next to each other, like the darkest hour of the night and the first lights of the day, and the net of the streets holds tight all the possibilities that life might unfold.


Mnemonic Gymnastics (EP)
Effi Weiss
2015/Belgium and Bosnia and Herzegovina/16’

Based on classical texts describing the method of memorizing using “places and images” (loci et images), this film proposes a walk through the spaces and corridors of OBJECT D-0, Tito’s bunker in Konjic, Bosnia. The method of placing “effective” mental images representing words and notions inside a gallery of various spaces, to be thus engraved in the memory and later retrieved at wish, is put in the context of the cold war bunker – a decor made for a scenario which never took place – in its historical role, as well as in the present context of turning the bunker into a museum of art.


The Williamsburg Houses (EE)
Tessa, Irene Rex, Bartolome

This film is an anatomical tour of the public housing project, The Williamsburg Houses, in New York, and the life of its occupants.

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