In a broader sense, the word rehabilitation usually has a positive feeling attached to it. Especially when applied to the context of architecture or the built environment: it always implies a process of regeneration, the termination of a previous condition of abandonment or destruction and the beginning of a new and improved stage in the life of a certain building or construction. However, when we see this word applied to a moment in a person’ s life, we usually associate to it an always difficult condition: it corresponds to an arduous process of recovery from addictions, compulsions or destruc-tive behaviors. In this sense, rehabilitation suggests both a treatment as penitence. When we amplify this concept of “ rehabilitation” to a whole city, territory or nation, what are the implications that might come attached to it? As eventual citizens of a hypothetical “ rehab nation” , might we be condemned to live in a permanent state of recovery? Always adapt-ing to some sort of crisis, adversity or struggle, but never really expecting to definitely overcoming it?

For the program of this edition, ARQUITETURAS is promoting films that explore the wide range of connotations that might be associated with the expression “ REHAB NATION” . From the rehabilitation of old city centers to the gentrifi-cation of touristic neighborhoods; from the dereliction of social housing to the construction of new senses of community; 3 from the privatization of the public space to the emergence of news forms of urban intervention. The possibilities are end-less and “ REHAB NATION” functions as an extensive pretext to basically think and debate the way we currently live in our spaces and our cities.

The festival will have its presentation on 5 October at 16.00, as part of the opening program to the public of the new building of the museum MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. As warm up, and in partnership with Roca Lisbon Gallery, ARQUITETURAS will present on 10 and 11 October the premiere of two documentaries about Portuguese architects of reference: Álvaro Siza and Carvalho Araújo. The official opening night of ARQUITETURAS will take place in LISBON FORUM (formerly Cinema Roma) on 12 October at 19h, with the screening of the film “ A Propósito de Leixões” with soundtrack live from TORTO band.