2015 Arquiteturas Film Festival

23 September // Wednesday // 21:30 – 23:30 — Garagem Sul, CCB

Open air screening of the film “Arquitectura de Peso”
Director will be present.AFFL-Arquitetura de Peso- CCB

Arquitectura de Peso
Edgar Pêra, proposal idea of Jorge Figueira and Nuno Grande
2007, Portugal, 24’

“They asked me to make a film-installation in connection with 4 large architectural public works in Portugal: the Belém Cultural Centre, Parque das Nações, (10) Football Stadiums and Casa da Musica. Making a film from archival material is a challenge that refers immediately to the territory of the unforeseen and the unexpected. How to identify an aesthetic that unifies various materials studded with logos, footnotes, text and other visual outgrowths that abound in newscasts for example? Screening and re-filming the images of these archives on the facades of these same works. And confronting in this architectural cinematic territory the different points of views expressed on public TV. And so that we can evoke with sound effects the ‘voices of the people’ we resort to popular songs, with raw lyrics, alluding to events, reworked by a contemporary musician. Only a free script allows you to explore all these issues. “.”

(Edgar Pêra, 2007)

Concert // 22:00


Não vos deixeis cair em tradição

Tiago Pereira and Silvio Rosado, gather the will to make the music more and more human at will to distort sounds, traditions, comfortable places. Mastering a new revolution in every sound, Sampladélicos mix what you hear with what you see so that the public can afterwards be the re-creator of the fusion dance.