2015 Arquiteturas Film Festival

28th September to 3rd October

4th October / Sunday / 11h30 / Fórum Lisboa — Presentation of the results


WORKSHOP Projected Stories
Catarina Mourão + Susana Oliveira

Narrative organizes our experience of the world, from the time we first begin to speak until we die. The ability to transform our lives, the diversity of each and every experience into a story, an understandable whole, is a process of ‘synthesis of the heterogeneous’. This is true to all creative processes, such as writing, composing music, taking pictures, playing games, filming or architecture designing. The meaning of a built space can never be reduced solely to its form or structure, aesthetic or function, or the feeling it evokes. Despite the importance of each of these dimensions, none of them manages to convey the whole identity of a building.
Architecture is always the pursuit of shelter and comfort. In this workshop we intend to add meaning and subjectivity to a particular experience of a built space, where the influence of time, accident or neglect has stripped it from its original purpose. Beyond its ornamental dimension, narrative engages us to dig deeper into the essential realities of buildings and places, enabling us to imagine and project new stories, thus creating new meanings..

Each participant will develop a visual piece (video; installation; visual essay) representing the story they have imagined, inspired by one of the buildings/spaces visited. This piece can be produced in a team or individually, and it shouldn’t be longer than 10 minutes.
The scenes/stories explored will become new working hypotheses for a future building, provide clues for new readings, or both. Ideally the projected story will go beyond a mere plausible or predictable future, pointing towards a more uncertain and speculative reflection.

– Seminar and discussion of themes and stories;
– Film viewing;
– Field work: recci of places and buildings;
– Participative debate of projects;
– Different cinematic approaches and their adequacy to each place and project;
– Familiarization with different technical tools: camera, sound and editing;
– Final presentation of, and feedback on, each visual piece, within the context of the Festival;

Maximum number of participants: 12
Price p/ person: 25 €
Applications to (email) with short CV
Pre-requisites: video camera (video, photo, smartphone, or other) and/or laptop with editing software (Final Cut or Adobe Première)
Duration: 12 contact hours in 3 x 4h modules

Monday – das 9h00 às 13h, Fórum Lisboa
Wednesday – das 9h00 às 13h, Fórum Lisboa
Saturday – 9h00 às 13h, Fórum Lisboa
Sunday – 11h30 Apresentação dos resultados na sala de cinema do Fórum Lisboa
Total working hours: 48h
Inscribe at: info@doyoumeanarchitecture.com