2015 Arquiteturas Film Festival



Curated by Marcy Saude, video artist

Things to Come
Graham Ellard
and Stephen Johnstone
2011 // USA // 6′

Things to Come consists of abstract synchronised movement across large, highly abstract, metal and glass model, to create a dynamic play of light, shadow, reflection, parallax, depth, surface and prismatic special-effects. The model was based on a series of unpublished production photographs of László Moholy-Nagy’s ‘future city’ set designs commissioned for the 1936 science fiction film Things to Come.


Victory Over the Sun
Michael Robinson
2007 // USA // 12’

Dormant sites of past World’s Fairs breed an erruptive struggle between spirit and matter, ego and industry, futurism and failure. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory; nothing lasts forever even cold November rain.


Unsupported Transit
Zachary Formwalt
2011 // USA // 15’

Unsupported transit is set on a construction site in Shenzhen, the first of China’s Special Economic Zones, where a new stock exchange designed by Rem Koolhaas’s Office for Metropolitan Architecture is now being built. On this site, a story is told that begins with Eadweard Muybridge’s early sequential photographs and a commissioned work he carried out for Leland Stanford before the famous horse pictures were produced. The mechanism by which the images in the film were produced becomes clearer as the story moves on to a description of time-lapse photography and what Karl Marx described as the “abbreviated form of capital”—a form that makes capital appear to move of its own accord.


Calum Walter
2013 // USA // 19’

Heights is a dialogue between different times and spaces, captured from a single window, over the course of a year. The piece examines the rhythms of a neighborhood, and the role of architecture as an indifferent host to its fluctuations. Heights finds echoes of high-rise window frames in the glow of flat screen televisions, and investigates the accuracy of the world on screen versus actual human experience. As the piece builds, it tries to navigate the relationship between both the intensity and mundanity that seem to exist in places simultaneously.


Views of A Former Verizon Building
Lance Wakeling
2012 // USA // 21’

Views of a Former Verizon Building is the second in a series of works that explores the physical sites of the global telecom infrastructure. The former Verizon building is located in the Civic Center district in downtown Manhattan, an area that has seen a proliferation of checkpoints and facial-recognition security cameras. Views focuses on the data center’s proximity to the state apparatus, giving equal measure to prisons, courts, the African Burial Ground, the Tombs, and the destruction of Richard Serra’s Tilted Arc.



Marcy Saude is an artist filmmaker working with subjects such as marginal histories, the landscape and built environment, counterculture, radical politics and language. Her films and videos have screened at venues and festivals including International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Torino Film Festival (Italy), EMAF (European Media Art Festival, Germany), Ann Arbor Film Festival (Michigan), Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Other Cinema (San Francisco), the Echo Park Film Center (LA), and artist-run labs and project spaces across Europe and the US. A member of the Filmwerkplaats collective moving image lab in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, she received an MFA from the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA, and currently works in Plymouth, UK.