2015 Arquiteturas Film Festival


Escapes de Gas

Bruno Salas
2014 // Chile // 72’
(New Talent Competition)
Chile, 1971. During Salvador Allende’s Government the building in which the Third Session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD III) would take place, was built in a record time of 275 days.
 During this period, 34 artists were called to incorporate their work to the architecture.
One of them, sculptor Félix Maruenda designed and constructed a great minimalist chimney for the gas evacuation of the building’s public dining room.
After the celebration of the conference, on april, 1972, the building was renamed “Gabriela Mistral Metropolitan Cultural Center”, the most popular social center during Salvador Allende’s government. There, over a thousand people came daily to admire the pieces of art and eat in the dining room.
After the Military Coup on September 11th, 1973, the building was the headquarters of the dictatorship’s renamed as “Diego Portales”. Most of the art pieces included in the building were destroyed.
Today, 40 years later, the building is again a cultural center and some of the art pieces have been restored.
The chimney of Félix Maruenda was cut and stored in a warehouse, still without a clear idea what will be their future.
Through interviews to the main characters of the building and original images, the film dives into the spirit and ideals, materialized as a collective dream in the UNCTAD III Building.