2015 Arquiteturas Film Festival



1+1=Una Más

Olga Pohankova
2014 // Austria // 6’
(Experimental Competition)
1+1=UNA MÁS moves from logical space to the logic of the space. What we usually perceive as the horizon line is rotated by 180°, breaking and short-circuiting the image vertically. This interior and horizontal splitting has the effect of creating, as a result, a sense of exterior, multiplicative doubling. It takes its inspiration from the way sound waves spread when a perfect octave, or diapason, of two musical notes are played. Our work short-circuits the unfolding narrative of time, by cleaving the image and multiplying the significance, which crates an ambiguous game, where one feels oneself almost observed. “By reversing the fruition, the work observes you.”, claimed Italian painter and sculptor Fausto Melotti, whose abstract output aspired the strict musical principles of rhythm, harmony and counterpoint. This symbolic audio-visual short-circuit demands a kind of questioning “habits” of the eye and ear. The conceptual approach of seeing oneself seeing, of hearing oneself speaking – an elementary projection into something else – is denied in favour of the imaginary function in order to re-examine what seems to be immutable: the sense of truth and the truth of the sense.

Festival track record
Nomination Best Experimental Short Film, EUROSHORTS 2014, Poland
Official Selection WUFF – Wellington Underground Film Festival 2015, Wellington, New Zealand
Official Selection AESTHETICA ART PRIZE 2015, York, UK
NOW & AFTER 2015, “Architectural Space”, Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russian Federation
Miejski Osrodek Kultury 2015, Olsztyn, Poland
Galeria Bielska BWA 2015, Bielsko-Biala, Poland
Official Selection Festival de Cine de Paracho, Michoacán, Mexico
Official Selection XIV Certamen de Cortometrajes „El Pecado“, Llerena (Badajoz), Spain
Official Selection International Kansk Video Festival, Kansk, Russian Federation
Official Selction Arquiteturas Film Festival Lissabon, Portugal