2014 Arquiteturas Film Festival

25th September  (6pm – 8pm)

With Creative Minds, LAMIPA collective and Giorgio Scianca The Fountainhead 1949

Every things start with a vision, a material idea. “ Man how a man should be. Self sufficient, self-reliant, incorporated reason, personified joy of living.” There is a growing need to break down barriers in architecture, but how to show it to the world? How do it get who we want? How to promote? How visible?What is the meaning of have a bussiness, if no one knows about that.

This workshop will show the importance and benefits of communication in architecture. A good example of this theme, is presented by LAMIPA Collective (La Mostra Internacional de Património Arquitetónico), who developed a plataform with a purpose to “ export produts and iberic services in construction area” and as a counterpoint, the architect Giorgio Scianca will present ARCHITECT’S TV SPOT (architect is the medium), a collection of TV commercials where the architect’s image is used for the sake of advertising the most various products.

Venue: Film Set Room – Cinema City Alvalade