2014 Arquiteturas Film Festival

26th September (2pm-5pm)

Masterclass by italian collective Zimmerfrei

Marseille_ZF_1202_ph Roberto Beani

Temporary Cities is a series of documentary films that ZimmerFrei group has been making since 2010. They are portraits of cities filmed in small areas, which could span one particular part of the city, or a neighbourhood, a square or even a single bench, where the main theme is the residents and temporary users’ perception and use of public space and the way they inhabit and transform it. At the moment there are five city portraits: Brussels, Copenhagen, Budapest, Mutonia and Marseille.

All the 5 films will be screened at the festival. Zimmerfrei will talk about the process of making these films and of their new projects.


Venue: Cinema City Alvalade screening-room 2
Max. number of participants: 112
Price: 4€ – normal price for a film session
REGISTRATIONS: info@doyoumeanarchitecture.com