2014 Arquiteturas Film Festival

24th to 27th of September (9am – 7pm)


bracketing art installation.


In the writing universe “ brackets “ are mainly used to insert an explanatory text, to group meanings or explain ideas.
In computer programming languages (script) this elements compile data into a list – a set of variable inputs, essentials in the execution of computational processes.

bracketing” – Digital art installation and workshop aims to be a parentheses, merging areas such as cinema, digital art, architecture, generative design and digital fabrication. The result of this symbiosis will be an itinerant and dynamic project – work in progress – outcome of a generative and parametric process where shape, space, material (cork),image and sound gain digital, creative and experimental contours.
– Creation of an experimental and abstract short film related with space and form (software: video editing + firefly)
– Creation of parametric forms using generative processes (Rhinoceros 3D + Grasshopper)
– Digital fabrication of models using cork (CNC)
– Building of an itinerant artistic installation (ephemeral architecture)

The final result will be presented on Sunday 28th September at 5pm in Cinema City Alvalade parking lot -3 .

Where: ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon, Avenida das Forças Armadas, 1649-026 Lisbon
Partners: ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon
Sponsers: Sofalca

Price: 250€
Max. number of participants: 12
Min. number of participants: 8

Softwares: Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper + Firefly, video editing software

Requirements: Laptops with windows 7 or 8.
Note: Software will be installed at the beginning of the workshop.
Registration: info@doyoumeanarchitecture.com